Written by Michael Kuphal
Date: 20th July 2019

Bauhaus Product Webdesign

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Product website for Bauhaus wallpaper

The wallpaper factory of the Rasch brothers developed the first Bauhaus wallpaper almost 90 years ago. This was the greatest commercial success of the Bauhaus and the wallpaper is still manufactured today. This is the only one of all original products worldwide.

The current collection

With the current collection of wallpaper, the wallpaper factory of the Rasch brothers, together with Sikkens, developed a modular room concept for individual design. We developed the bilingual product website with extensive online tools for the product.

Bauhaus Wallpaper – Product website

Web design: development of the product website for current edition of the Bauhaus wallpaper of the Rasch brothers. The goal was to present the 40 structures and 72 colours in a very clear portfolio. In addition, a distributor search with reverse geocode engine was developed and connected via the Google Maps API. The website is bilingual with an extensive template system.


Article by Michael Kuphal, Webdesign Berlin
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