Written by Michael Kuphal
Date: 3rd January 2024

Professional wordPress maintenance offer 2024

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Professional wordPress maintenance

From January 2024, we offer a fixed rate deal for maintenance of your WordPress Website. We have during the last years provided maintenance service exclusively for our own website productions in the field of music industry and for medium-sized companies and would like to offer this approved service to businesses and institutions as part of our product expansion.

Individually Tailored WordPress Maintenance Service

  • Security updates of a WordPress Website, WordPress core and plugins
  • Securing the website and hardening security services
  • Monitoring accessibility of the server (every 15 min)
  • Monitoring contents, new pages and contributions
  • Protection against viruses and malware
  • Protection against spam in comments, spam bots and fake registrations
  • Monthly external backups (incl. storage space)
  • Application support
  • General support and assessment (bugs, user errors, feature requests, etc.)
  • Incl. free basic test

75 Eur mthly.* 95 Eur

(plus 19% VAT.)

* Introductory offer until 31 March 2024 with one month notice. Includes a free basic test of your current WordPress installation. WordPress theme updates are not included and are offered separately because they must be assessed in advance and separately.

First steps towards our maintenance service

You make an inquiry and we will sort out the details and assess your current WordPress installation. After the successful assessment we determine the contractual preconditions (SLA maintenance service contract and, if required, commissioned data processing contract), create a backup, secure your website and take on regular maintenance following a fixed security concept.

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Your advantages

  • 24 years of experience as WordPress agency
  • Personal contact via email, phone or by Slack
  • You are guaranteed uncomplicated customer service (see Proven Expert reviews)
  • Covered by global professional liability insurance

Why do we offer separate WordPress Theme Updates?

From our many years of experience we offer WordPress Theme Updates only separately because we did not produce the theme, or rather your current website ourselves. When we create a WordPress Theme Update, we first migrate your complete website to one of our test servers. Only then the WordPress Theme Update is uploaded and the content checked for display errors. If the theme update is successful, you approve its release and we subsequently activate it on your website. The rate for a theme update including assessment is 225 € (plus 19% VAT).
Regular maintenance of WordPress websites based on a clear-cut security concept is very important nowadays.

WordPress agency with more than 24+ years of experience!

We also offer strategic advice to make sure that all fields of securing the websites (on and offline, BITV and google ranking) are considered. In addition we provide up-to-date white papers regarding current security topics for our clients.

Do you have any questions or require advance information?