Written by Michael Kuphal
Date: 25th March 2021

Webdesign for Startup's and Founders

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Webdesign for Startups

Berlin is the home of untold opportunity for many start-ups, young entrepreneurs and creators, offering a range of networks and innovative laboratories (such as motionlab.berlin with its contacts to large innovation incubators). Berlin’s start-up scene is growing every year, thanks to the funding and financing infrastructure available, like through the IHK Berlin, that makes it easier for start-ups and founders, and helps them to successfully implement their ideas in Berlin.

There are also modern accelerators and co-working spaces like the Factory Berlin, with a large global presence. We love this mix, and how it influences Berlin – even with Covid-19, there is still a lot going on in Berlin tech!

Experience starting a business

Our expertise is based on experience – conceptualising, advising, designing, web-design and programming. We also draw on the knowledge of experts in our network (specialised programming/game development, social media service providers, plug-in developers or online marketing specialists for Facebook/Instagram), and we have been working with start-ups for many years. Many of our clients have grown and developed with us.

We offer over 22 years of agency and client experience, and are co-founders of the indie game collective, Saftladen (which has grown from 8 to 50 members). In our own team, we are interested in developing our skills in all areas of online, app, and the technology sectors applications.

Services for start-up companies, small companies, and founders:

  • Advice and proofing of online concept/ideas for your website or app
  • Design, web design and prototyping
  • Up-to-date programming of websites via Wordpress
  • SEO (Google ranking) design and keyword proofing
  • Website marketing, solutions for media releases (both online and offline)
  • Contact for expert advice on the IHK (IHK Startup assistance, in german language) and on funding programs
Through our network, we can also offer the creation of flyers, brochures and advertising material for start-ups.

Why we love working with startups

The music, culture, and creative industries are among our main target group. Giving life to creative projects means developing new ideas, and, for example, presenting a new idea or product on the internet or as an app. All this also requires creative thinking, turning problems to solutions and developing new technologies.

For us, working with start-ups means exciting projects and innovative products or digital products – also from beyond our city or region of Berlin. The goal is to listen to our clients’ ideas, wishes, and priorities to create custom-made tools, apps, or new high-performance websites, that are not only unique, but also meet online marketing and SEO requirements.

We would love to set up your new website. Just send an email with a few basic details/ideas for your website to:

Article by Michael Kuphal, Webdesign Berlin
Michael Kuphal and his team develop customized websites and consult in the areas of server solutions, security, barrier-free web design, ranking optimization and DSGVO modifications. In the network further specialists are available among other things for editorial photography, print productions, VR, 3D, APP-, Game development and Socialmedia companies, which can be used project-oriented.