Written by Michael Kuphal
Date: 11th June 2019

Webdesigner from Berlin Architects Webdesign

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Webdesigner for Architects and Architect Offices

With specialization as web designer for websites for architects, we support architects throughout Germany as a team under the direction of Michael Kuphal. This includes the warranty and the availability of the website, as well as the search engine position and findability (Goo gle Ranking) for project inquiries.

Article by Michael Kuphal, Webdesign Berlin
Michael Kuphal and his team develop customized websites and consult in the areas of server solutions, security, barrier-free web design, ranking optimization and DSGVO modifications. In the network further specialists are available among other things for editorial photography, print productions, VR, 3D, APP-, Game development and Socialmedia companies, which can be used project-oriented.