Written by Michael Kuphal
Date: 4th May 2020

Speaker Webdesign Berlin

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Webdesign for the speaker Paulina Weiner from Berlin

Speaker Berlin

In January we implemented the new bilingual website for the speaker Paulina Weiner from Berlin. The new logo was designed by the French illustrator Laska.

Paulina Weiner is available to answer questions as speaker Berlin. If you are looking for a speaker with a suitable voice for your voice-over project or an explanatory film, you can find this on the speaker website. There you will get an insight into Paulina Weiners work as a voice over artist and learn how a booking could be done.

Paulina Weiner is a successful voiceover artist for TV voice-overs, commercials, image films, explanatory videos and many more. She works for ARD, Arte, Spiegel TV, Volkswagen, RTL2, DRF1, Amazon Prime, LOréal and other TV productions as well as computer games. She has her own recording studio as a voice over artist

The new website was launched in January 2020

Webdesign for Speaker and Recording Studios

Our team offers web design for recording studios and speakers from Berlin. Here we not only implement the web design, but also everything else that has to be done here, like checking the web server and planning the web trace/performance. Ask us and we will be happy to make you a webdesign offer.

Paulina Weiner – Voice-over Artist

Webdesign: Development of the bilingual website for the speaker Paulina Weiner from Berlin. In the process of the relaunch, the logo was redesigned by the French illustrator LASKA. As a successful voiceover artist for commercials and image films, she has worked for Volkswagen, Amazon Prime, L'Oréal and various TV productions and computer games, among others.


Article by Michael Kuphal, Webdesign Berlin
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