Written by Michael Kuphal
Date: 5th January 2022

Web design for lawyers and legal firms, we build professional lawyer websites in WordPress

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Web design for the lawyer Joel Münch and his law firm from Berlin

The primary purpose of the relaunch of the law firm of Joel Münch, law firm for civil and commercial law was the usability of the website, recruiting and updating to the publications of the law firm. The new website for the law firm was to be more to the point in terms of content and the user experience was to be simplified and optimized. Clarity and usability were in the foreground here, and contact was to be guaranteed at all times for new clients.

In addition, the new lawyer website was to be set up on the basis of Wordpress and optimized for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and Android), and implemented as a bilingual (German and English) website. Programming and completion took place after 4 weeks. The design was developed in cooperation with the designer Jana Hess. The photos were created by Tana Hell. Finally, a performance (with 98% on desktop devices, see PageSpeed Insights) and SEO optimization was implemented.

Why do we offer web design for lawyers and law firms based on Wordpress?

Wordpress as a basis, so that they a) at any time independently add content to the law firm and publications, enter and correct and b) the website is designed long-term on the basis of many third-party plug-ins and open source solutions developable. Wordpress as a maintenance system for lawyer websites is fully scalable and you can operate even very large projects with high security standards. We offer, in addition to the basic installation and SSL (for secure communication), Wordpress programming of our own Wordpress plugins and security plugins that will additionally harden your new website and protect it from automated attacks from the web. After the production is completed, we additionally offer wordpress website maintenance as well.


Web design lawyer law firm Berlin

Web design lawyers law firm Berlin

Joel Münch Lawyer Berlin


The law firm website was completed after 4 weeks of production. This with the latest technology as Wordpress website, SEO optimization and very good performance.

To website: https://joelmuench.de

Do you have questions about production or need preliminary information about producing your own attorney website or law firm homepage web design?

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Web design for law firm Berlin

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